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Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite sure what an escape room is? Suffer from a fear of confined spaces? Got a big group? Here are the answers to all your questions...


Red Herring FAQs

What exactly is an Escape Room?

Imagine being immersed in a real-life mystery. That’s an escape room. You become part of a story that requires you to solve riddles, piece together puzzles and crack clues. Just you, your team and fifty minutes on the clock to find the final exit and escape. 

What if I'm not smart?

Our rooms aren’t about book smarts. They’re aimed at tackling all kinds of skill sets, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t know neuroscience or get stuck on algebra. Us too. Plus the state-of-the-art AI in our rooms is there to help give you hints when it knows you’re stuck.

How many friends can I have in my team?

Each room requires a minimum of two people and a maximum of six. You can book for up to 12 people online.

Our group is too big to fit in the one room. Can we all escape together?

We have two Alien Invaders rooms that you can play simultaneously against another group, with a maximum of six people in each room. We also offer our Old Haunt and Shutdown room to run at the same time, but are separate competitions.

Are the escape rooms suitable for children?

Children under 15 will need an adult in the room. There are some adult themes and children can get overwhelmed or a little bit spooked.

Under 18’s are permitted at Red Herring Crown until 8pm Sunday - Thursday and 5pm Friday - Saturday. Prior to these times, we request that pre-teens and younger children are accompanied by a responsible adult. Check out our House Rules for more info.

After these hours, we become strictly 18+ and all guests must have valid ID.

Can I get help if I need it?

Of course. Not only will the cutting-edge AI in our rooms know when to give you hints, but you’ll also be able to get assistance from our escape room experts at any point.

I am claustrophobic - will I be okay?

All of our rooms have an emergency button that will open the doors straight away. The rooms are spacious and we have our team on hand to help out at all times.